Daily Mail UK
Daily Mail UK MARCH 2014
"Margot Robbie is the latest in a string of celebrities to join the Ballet Bodies craze...."

"Anyone else spot a trend here?"

SHAPE January 2014
Ballet Bodies owner, Andie Hecker, featured in Shape! "I love working on my butt! Any bridging series that hits the various areas of the glutes (maximus, minimus, and medius) is an ace in my book."

Redbook Magazine
FabFitFun January 2014
"On the trampolines one can expect a full body tone, in addition to fat-burning cardio.… It’s amazing for the metabolism."

Elle Magazine - Germany
Elle Magazine - Germany August 2013
We've gone international! Ballet Bodies owner, Andie Hecker listed as one of the top fitness trainers in America!

Redbook Magazine
Redbook Magazine July 2013
Kelly Osbourne tells all about Ballet Bodies JUMP classes.

InStyle Magazine
InStyle Magazine June 2013
Andie Hecker's work out advice, "Try the trampoline".

Allure Magazine
Allure Magazine May 2013
Trainer of Miranda Kerr and Rooney Mara, Andie Hecker, reveals her secret to a tighter-looking butt.

New Beauty Magazine
New Beauty Magazine Spring/Summer 2013
"The dancer's body is lean and chiseled--the complete antitheses of bulky." Says Andie Hecker, founder of Los Angeles' Ballet Bodies fitness studio.

Los Angeles Magazine
Los Angeles Magazine February 2013
I love scouring the vinyl at Amoeba [Music], taking ballet lessons from Andie Hecker of Ballet Bodies, playing with friends at the Magic Castle and taking in films at El Capitan Theatre or the Silent Movie Theatre.

The Hollywood Reporter
The Hollywood Reporter January 2013
Ballet Bodies Former New York City Ballet dancer Andie Hecker and her instructors (like the popular Romi Rivera) run an intense barre workout for clients like UTA partner Tracey Jacobs.

Daily Candy
Daily Candy January 2013
Easy Does It: Toned Arms in Ten Minutes (a Day) - Simple movements from Andie Hecker at Ballet Bodies

Celeb Tsushin
Celeb Tsushin November 2012
Watch as owner/trainer Andie Hecker demonstrates some of Ballet Bodies' signature exercises used to create the fit and healthy physiques of the celebrities she trains.

FitSugar October 2012
Get Miranda Kerr's supermodel shape with her favorite ballet workout!

The Biggest Loser March 2012
Andie Hecker of Ballet Bodies featured on "The Biggest Loser"!

Allure Magazine
Allure MAGAZINE March 2012
“I just want access to the experts behind the scenes: a blowout from Adir Abergel; a haircut from Chris McMillan; a workout with Tracy Anderson, Gunnar Peterson. or Andie Hecker;...”

InStyle Magazine
InStyle MAGAZINE March 2012
LEARN FROM THE BEST - “i have an amazing Pilates teacher named Andie Hecker.”

Allure Magazine
“I follow the Malcolm Gladwell '10,000-hour rule': It takes a lot of repetition to master a skill. The more you practice a specific exercise, the better you get, so you see more results.”

Vital Juice
“Andie from Ballet Bodies is my Pilates teacher. At Ballet Bodies we do a variety of exercises using the Pilates machine. Pilates machines offer resistance training and Andie works with me (at my personal 'strength' level) to strengthen specific muscles in my arms.”

Drawing on Pilates practices and ballet techniques, this new studio on Beverly Boulevard is great for quick—and lasting—results. Long, lean muscle, here we come!

Daily Candy
Swoop into Ballet Bodies, a barre-centric new West Hollywood fitness studio that flips flabby thighs, sagging arms, and droppy derrieres the bird.

Vital Juice
Ginnifer Goodwin, Kristen Bell, and Chelsea Handler have been hitting trainer Andie Hecker's dancer-inspired classes at her new Ballet Bodies studio in Los Angeles.

Vital Juice
Vital Juice April 2011
"I'm obsessed with Andie Hecker, ballet/Pilates trainer extraordinaire," says Amanda. "Her amazing new studio is where I go to devote myself to her ballet-inspired Pilates workouts. It's changed my life--and my derrière."

944 October 2009
With a professional dancing career under her belt, Andie Hecker teaches a pilates-infused ballet workout. Learn special ballet techniques while slimming down and toning up alongside her celebrity clientele.

allure January 2009
Andie Hecker, trainer, Sculpts Hollywood's leanest legs and flattest stomachs, including Natalie Portman's and Sarah Michelle Gellar's.

Client Testimonials
"Andie Hecker does the most fun sweaty workouts, and the NEXT DAY you're all toned."
~ Natalie Portman
"Andie is an amazing trainer! She completely changed my body, giving me a leanness and length that I never had before."
~ Christina Ricci
"They train dudes too. There's really nothing like getting your butt kicked by a ballerina!"
~ Leland Orser
"Andie makes working out enjoyable... at the same time I've never been so challenged and physically transformed as I have during my time with her."
~ Sarah Michelle Gellar
"The only time I've ever enjoyed the actual process of getting in shape is time spent with Andie. We do everything (jump on trampolines, tone with her brand of pilates, ballet dance) which keeps things fun and keeps me motivated."
~ Ginnifer Goodwin
Client Testimonials
"I spent 20 years doing different workouts and never having the butt I wanted........but Andie is a miracle worker!"
~ Rachel Perse (owner of this butt)