Classes at Ballet Bodies

Private Reformer A one-on-one Pilates/Fitness training workout that takes place mainly on a Pilates reformer, supplemented by work utilizing the Pilates Cadillac, ballet barre, as well as other more traditional fitness apparatus. Each session is customized for the individual.

Semi-Private Reformer Similar to the Private Reformer classes, the Semi-Private Reformer class offers customized programs for the individual, while sweating it out alongside a friend.

Private Ballet (all levels available) For those who are serious about getting to where you want to be in your ballet career, or who just want everything broken down one-on-one before joining the group class, Private Ballet is always taught to the client’s level by a professional ballet dancer.

Private Jump Literally bouncing from trampoline to jump rope to ballet jumps and back, this Private class is a circuit of non-bulking, heart rate raising cardio that’s as entertaining as it is challenging.

Private Training Pricing

Master Trainer, Andie Hecker - $200/hour
Expert Trainer - $125/hour
~ 5 Session Package - $500
~ 10 Session Package - $900
Semi-Private (Expert Trainer only) - $70/hour
~ 5 Session Package - $325
~ 10 Session Package - $600
~ For information on curated program pricing, please inquire.
~ Cancelation Policy: If you are unable to keep your appointment, you must notify Ballet Bodies 24 hours in advance or agree to pay in full for the missed session or class.


Andie Hecker

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